Project - G400 HDR - Gadgeteer Mainboard

I just posted G400 HDR - Gadgeteer Mainboard on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Love it

Please add it to the next SDK release

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@ taylorza -

Thanks for the example…

Nice work!

Super work.
Can you do 1 for the G120 HDR too?

Very nicely done.
No luck with SPI socket #6 on Music, OLED or ENC28, but the rest works fine.
Thank you for contributing this.

Mike, unfortunately I do not have a G120 HDR so i would be doing it blind, not impossible but the test cycles would be a pain.

Thanks for letting me know, I will sort SPI out today. Did you test PWM?

PWM and SPI are now tested and working. For PWM I tested all 3 PWM channels on socket 9 and SPI on socket 6 was tested with the N18 Display.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements please let me know.

Thanks for the update. Working very well. Much more fun with Gadgeteer!

@ Andre, I am using 100000 which gives an update frequency of 12500 KHz for a pixel clock divider of 8.

I will update the version on code share asap. because at the current frequency the T35 would be going crazy and almost white out.

I might even try a slightly lower value, leaves the CPU more free for other things…

@ andre.m - I am not sure since when I originally implemented the mainboard driver I2C was not available in the firmware so I could not test it. As soon as I get a gap I will go back and test the features that where missing from the firmware at the time that the mainboard driver was written.

Note: For those of you using the G400 HDR Gadgeteer mainboard driver there is an updated version which configures the LCD pixel clock frequency correctly.

Unfortunately I only have a T35 so please let me know if this causes a problem with any of the other displays, I might need to push the frequency up from the current 10MHz.

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can you please recompile with the updated sdk references

@ MikeCormier - I will do that as soon as I am setup here, unfortunately I am not setup at all yet, no PC yet…

@ MikeCormier - You should be able to do that on your PC as well.

@ Architect- I did update it for myself (though I had to redo the project as i was getting an error with wix). I was just letting taylorza know he should update it for others that may try to use it in the future.
@ taylorza - no rush to update as i wrote above I updated it for myself already.

Thanks again for all you guys do on these forums


Sir, Welcome to the USA…

I realize that you are probably very busy but Version 3 of your dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR does not work when using firmware for G400.

Link failure: some assembly references cannot be resolved!!
Assembly: GadgeteerAppG400DialFace ( needs assembly ‘dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR’ (
Assembly: dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR ( needs assembly ‘GHI.Premium.Hardware’ (
Assembly: dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR ( needs assembly ‘GHI.Premium.System’ (
Error: a3000000
Waiting for debug commands…
The program ‘[5] Micro Framework application: Managed’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).

Simple reference change but you be the judge. I posted a correction but I was politely asked not to post changes to your software.

Thank You and I wish you and your family happy days in the USA

@ andre.m -

I guess not!

Sorry I bothered him!

@ willgeorge - Thank you for welcoming me. So far it has been great, most importantly my family is happy with the move.

I will hopefully have my G400 setup in the next day or two and I will create the new build. Sorry for the delay.