Project - FEZTerm, a terminal for your FEZ

FEZTerm, a terminal fro your FEZ

Adds a console to your Fez. On the Fez side, use with the CDC debugger port. On the PC side, connect to the virtual comm port. Create your own “DOS” commands on the fez and invoke them from the terminal. Create your own scripting environment. Or just use as a debug or configuration tool.

Any chance you’ll port this to the FEZ Cerb family? I realize that we can’t do CDC with debugging, but we can do CDC, right? Is FezTermHost.WriteMessage simply another debug output? I’m looking for a quick and dirty way to get a Cerb40 up and running as an I/O board to read button and keyswitch inputs and output light control via a relay board. Later I’d like to add things such as basic serial printer and bill acceptor support, maybe some pots to control volume, brightness, etc., but my immediate need is simply to receive input states and post output states between the Cerb and the PC.

The video for this tool has gone missing :frowning: Would it work on the FezCerb family?

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is this portable to a G400HDR?

As far as I found out, you get two serial channels over one USB connection, so debugging and serial comand line interface would work with only one USB connection. quite perfect for the use with G400HDR.

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We do not support debugging with another interface.


I don’t want to replace the Debugger, I want to use the USB Connection I use for Debugging as an ordinary Serial line to have a command line Interface for my app. You described something like that in the commebt of this code, or did I misunderstood something completely?

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PS: Here is the text I found and pointed to:


/// Start the CDC (virtual comm) port on the current debug session.
/// This will stop the current session and restart with a new driver which will create the dual channel.
/// To reattach debugger channel, you need to hit “Break All” and then Continue. You should then have
/// a new V-Comm port on the PC and a comm port on the fez.

private void InitCDC()
Debug.Print(“Hit Break All in VS to reattach debugger to port, then Run Continue.”);
port = USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging();
port.ReadTimeout = -1; // Block waiting for chars.

        while (true)
            if (USBClientController.GetState() != USBClientController.State.Running)
                Debug.Print("waiting to connect.");

@ Gerhard - This was supported on USBizi based boards and 4.1

Did you see this in the new documentation? This was dropped about two years ago.

@ Gus - The codeshare entry is tagged with just usb and uart .

There is no other direct indication that this is for legacy devices.

Yes but I am wondering where he found the old docs.

As I understand, It is not a separate documentation, but the inline comments in the code.

… sorry, just surfing around and checking out whats already there and can fit my needs. Dont want to invent the wheel again.
Ok, no problem, there will another solution for that.

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