Project - Fez Raptilean Weather

I just posted Fez Raptilean Weather on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Nice. Can you post a screenshot or video on the codeshare?

and change the X to a Z ? Fez Fez Fez :slight_smile:

I notice that this morning and tried to change it. However, I do not have the necessary permission to change the post header. Sorry for butchering the FeZ name.

GHI folks can fix that.

Things are back to Fez.


Too be fair, some of the GHI Boards are FEX “Freakin’ Sexy”


I guess they are currently “Freakin’ Zesty” then?

Fez stands for “Freakin EZ” or so I am told.

@ mtylerjr - As I understand it, the modern version is ‘Fun and EZ’ as it’s a touch more work and family friendly. :slight_smile:

@ everyone - its actually “Fast and EZ”

Oh, fine. Show how bad my memory is.

Still, it IS fun. So I’m going to keep saying it my way. :wink:

@ devhammer - I didn’t single you out sir. :whistle: