Project - Color Sensor Demo

Color Sensor Demo

Gadgeteer Color Sensor demonstration project using lots of LED in different form factors. Featured modules:

Color Sensor
Seven Segment LED
Hopefully soon you can order the LED modules from here


Cool project!

Nice project, excellent video presentation.

Very nice. Justin’s going to have to add you to the payroll :wink:

@ ianlee74 - Yes i do need to look after him :wink:

Well done presentation Duke - shows off the ease and power off Gadgeteer very well.

Very cool. Now I have a sense (pun intended) of what I can do with that colorsense module I added to my cart in the thanksgiving sale.

Nice project and use of community modules!

In your video you mention a “lady and her photocopier”.

What is that in reference to?

I went to have some photocopies made and the lady running the copier/library was telling how hi-tech her new copier was and that it could tell which paper bin had what color paper and she was very obviously impressed by that feature. So I thought I’d give it a go and see just how hi-tech that was, and as it turns out its rather trivial with Gadgeteer.

Justin’s seven-segment LEDs were just the ticket when I could configure them to have as many digits as I needed and in the colors I needed (Red, Green, Blue), which makes the readings obvious as to what color they are.

Thanks for the back story - I thought perhaps someone decided to make their own photocopier using a color sensor!

BTW - You need to post more videos, 3 is not nearly enough :slight_smile:

The objective is one a month for the year, so I’m ahead of schedule, but I might have some other work cutting into my posting projects time coming up, so I’ll have to see what I can do.

I’m also watching to see which projects seem to get the most attention so I can tune future projects accordingly, so I’m watching my Palm Monitor rather closely as I was rather happy with the range of interfaces it has, from email to twitter and all points in between, I’m was hoping that there is something for everyone in there. Also waiting to see what Gus’s next load of modules will be and what the next software release holds. I’m hoping to do something with my FEZtive kit as I think that would be a good one to post.

I also promised a few presentations coming up as well, so spare time is going to be a little hard to find.

@ Duke Nukem - You are the man

Looking forward to your presentations.

I enjoyed the Palm one and the video about the growers. Never realized so much automation went into them

Hi Duke, thanks for your work. I’m playing around with a brand new color sense module now, did you have any trouble with the sensitivity? If I hold a bright blue card I get an RGB of 47, 52, 48, a bright red card seems to pick up a little more at 111, 46, 42, and a green card gives me 48, 70, 39, this is with the on-board LED’s turned on.

Blues seemed to work the best for me, but you might want to have a look at this:

and Steven’s blog posting for this sensor to get better color recognition: