Project - Cerberus DL40 Programmer

Cerberus DL40 Programmer

The code to flash the DL40 currently uses the Gadgeteer framework which while very convenient makes it difficult to use the Cerberus family of boards to flash a DL40 due to the limited remaining memory.

As an experiment prompted by a post on the TinyCLR forum, I decided to see if changing the project to a pure .NETMF project I would have any success and I am happy to report that it went swimmingly.

I thought might be useful to someone out there that wants to work with the DL40 but only has a Cerberus. So here is the code including the default DL40 firmware.

Cerberus Main board
Socket 7 : Button module
Socket 6 : DL40 (Connect to the * end for programming)

All messages, instructions and flash progress is shown in the “Debug Output Window” so it is easiest to run the application under the debugger.

See GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software for more details on the DL40 and the Open DaisyLink initiative from GHI.



Will I be able to programm my PulseInOut Module with my Cerbuino Bee with this, too?