Project - Cerberus Azure Network Test

I just posted Cerberus Azure Network Test on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ Duke Nukem Great project. Thank you. With the explanations of your video I got it working with no problems.

Azure makes it really easy and so Azure and Gadgeteer/.NetMF are a natural for IoT just got a little hump to get over and then its gravy time.

Very nice.

@ Duke Nukem - I’m getting “SocketException” on SPOT.Net.dll… when writebody ‘socket.Send(buffer, offset, count, SocketFlags.None)’.

Any idea?

@ PepLluis - Which mainboard and .NetMF version are you using?

I had this happen once before to me and while I didn’t find a definitive answer it might be a version mix thing.

@ Duke Nukem - Thanks Duke. I’m using Cerberus VS12 SDK 4.3 QEF1 and September GHI SDK.

May I try with a clean Project from scratch and also with others main boards.

Unfortunately the last two days I’m are testing with several hardware (G120/Cerbuino/Cerbeus) and cannot get stable results while are using EthernetENC28J60 and sockets… I tryed differents versions of webserver and always hangs when some clients are doing simultaneous request .

I remember some time ago good experiences with a little webserver and netduino across simple sockets. The only way to keep working well a Cerbuino/G120 from concurrent clients was do it using a driver class like shared by Valkyrie in codeplex.

For this reason when Roschmi says " I got it working with no problems" my expectation was see how long keep working with no problems with EthernetENC28J60 lib.


@ Duke Nukem - Thanks Duke. As with most of your contibutions… very usefull and to the point. I have just one question… At the start of your video one can see a nice graph on a web page. Is that also part of the Azure service? Can one make it a public URL that anyone can see?

@ KiwiSaner - You mean this graph, if so I don’t think you can make it public as its the dashboard for your Mobile Service administration.

Time to get ones feet wet on xaml etc. and make a little universal apps to display these metrics on Windows phone or bigger …

Of course with some fancy consolidation per device sprocs and use the same approach but then read stuff. Don’t know how to call sprocs maybe we need to use the Italian connection …

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