Project - Cerberus Air Sensors

Cerberus Air Sensors

Gadgeteer project using a Cerberus mainboard, Grove Expansion module with Grove Gas Sensors to monitor and record air quality.

Blog writeup at:

@ Duke - From your article…

Why not make (and possibly sell) them yourself? With all the technology we have at our disposal these days, it’s very easy to do.

Once you've got it nailed, you could put the sensors and a Cerb40 on the same PCB and have a rockin' low cost remote air quality station.

Dear Duke:

Can I use this sensor with your project?

Funny you should mention that as this was one of my ‘next’ projects as that dust sensor is sitting in my module box now. I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t work. If no one beats me to it, I’ll post it as another CodeShare project when I get it working.

Ha, because I guess you should have this sensor, bingo…
I will buy the sensor and watching your blog.

For you

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oh nice, this looks awfully like a spam post because you changed the URL. If not, what is your question, purpose or statement about the air sensor project?

spam indeed.

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Omg, I am sorry, I am confused myself! When posting, I was talking to several people on skype and replying to my aunt on facebook. I am working in the Aquar company, correct, but I did not mean to change the link or to look like a spammer. Sorry!

I posted a sample project that used the Dust Sensor here in CodeShare: