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Hi all,
Does anyone know of a good online blog-type site where I can publish my project for all to check out?
I’m starting a normal blogger blog, but I was hoping to find something more project-oriented. Sourceforge seems a bit cumbersome and mainly software oriented, while the .net micro projects site doesn’t have many features yet.
Currently I’m working on a standard ground-up rover robot based on the domino, but with things like the c328r camera, xbee wireless, solar charging, etc. Think “backyard mars rover.” :slight_smile: I’d like eventually to bring in a bigger netmf device to do image processing, some manipulator arm control, etc.
I figure this project will incorporate a lot of stuff others might want to try.



You should be using our project website (link removed)

You can blog, post code, image and youtube video.

We are also planning on remaking this website next month so it is going to look even better.

If you have any suggestions about the website then please let us know.

Can’t wait to see the “mars rover”…sounds exciting already! Do not forget to make us a video too.