Project - Atmel DataFlash

Atmel DataFlash

Atmel’s DataFlash is ideal for data storage applications, regardless of the type of data involved. The device’s on-board buffers support byte alterability and virtual continuous write operation, enabling large amounts of data to be stored quickly.

The simple SPI interface greatly reduces system pin counts, power consumption and switching noise. System design is greatly simplified with DataFlash, as all densities 1 Mbit to 128 Mbits (45 series), and 4 Mbit to 32M bit (26 series) require only 4 pins to connect to the system processor, controller or DSP.

This example demonstrates a simple driver for Atmel DataFlash chip AT45DB161D. which can be used for extra flash to save data and resources in USBizi or Embedded Master. User can simply write binary data on DataFlash and retrieve it back whenever needed.

I got AT45DB161D Chip from Sparkfun:

Sparkfun also provides a breakout board: