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Project and code snippet upload


I posted this in Beta, but not sure the readership.
When you have a project to code idea, it takes time and effort to cut/paste, pictures, etc. And do it all over again when updating a project. Idea would be to just keep everything in a VS project. VS project has all the data and metadata required to make it single upload for project owners.
The project directory structure can define the core elements.
–> FezzerText.txt (the descriptive text) or html describing the post.
–> FezzerPictures DIR (the project picture(s))
–> FezzerVideos DIR (the project SmoothStream video(s))
–> *.cs files as normal for project

Zip up the Project Dir (using DPack for example) and FTP to the site project URL given on Create time. On server side, project is unzipped and inspected for core elements. Pictures and video dirs removed and re-zipped and added to the project page as a download. The web page is automatically built from the text/html and pictures. Poor mans one-way source control. Can also make a simple VS add-in to reduce to a single click. The easier it is for project owner, the better code will be kept updated and projects stay fresh and clean. Can easily limit zip size, etc.
Could also add a Staging URL per project for a review before a 1 click Publish to production.

Can limit to single project, require named text file and picture, etc. As I update or fix bugs and comments, I just zip again and upload again. Would seem to make too much sense?