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Project - An Azure Mobile Services Library for .Net Micro Framework


I just posted An Azure Mobile Services Library for .Net Micro Framework on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ mobernberger - Super. I briefly looked at the source code. I see it sends out HTTP POSTs. So does Azure Mobile services require secure HTTPS? Can I use this to send a Toast notification to a Windows 8 Tablet?


right now you could send your requests via HTTP and HTTPS it depends on your data and if your board supports SSL.
If you have an Azure Mobile Services (which is free) you could also get some Push Notifications with Notifications Hub. Check out the documentation here:




I will publish a sample code of an Azure Mobile Service, an .Net Micro Framework Program and an Windows 8 App with Notifications in the next 1-2 weeks.



Fantastic. I was planning on using Windows Notification Services (WNS) which requires an SSL connection. However, I’ve had a few Microsoft folks suggest Azure Mobile Services. But I’ve avoided looking at it because of the potential ongoing cost and burden of having to maintain an account. But, I am tempted by the wide platform support. I’ll definitely check out your example when you publish that!


Very cool! Thanks! Will dive into the source as well :slight_smile:


here is the the Link to the Github project with the Azure Mobile Services Sample including Windows 8 Store App Notification:
I will post it on CodeShare in the next few minutes.