Project - ALCAM UART example in NETMF with flow control support

I just posted ALCAM UART example in NETMF with flow control support on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

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I have tested this code, and it works well. I have a few questions:

Could the UART code with handshaking support for ALCAM be looked at isolated or is it a part of the ALCAM package?? I am seeing that its very CerbuinoBee/Alcam specific.

Do you have plans to improve the alcam driver code for NETMF? Already now, just playing, I have had to improve and extend with new functions and access to sendcommand etc.

ALCAM is not netmf specific. What we are providing is just an example to get users started with different platforms.

@ Gus - Thanks, it worked as intended then :wink:

I had a good start, now on to the real work :whistle:

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Not the smartest so I ask the question…

\NETMF\Program.cs(37): RemovableMedia.Insert += (s, e) => mediaReady = true;
\NETMF\Program.cs(39): Controller.MassStorageConnected += (s, e) => e.Mount();

Where is s and e defined? >> (s, e)

Thanks in advance…

This is a lambda expression and the prototype takes a source and event, so the signature is (s,e) - as it happens only the e is used in the body (the bit after =>)

@ Peter Kenyon -

prototype takes a source and event … Now I understand!

Thank You