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Project - Abstracted Gadgeteer


I just posted Abstracted Gadgeteer on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Great job (and idea). I thought about something similar for networking recently.
But in case for the GHI mainboard projects:
Wouldn’t it be better to create one GHI project, containing all mainboards.
By this you would reduce duplicate code, like FS HAL.
Alternatively you could create an GHI base/core project.


Hm, hadn’t really thought about that since the code for the mainboards is so small. Might be worth doing, though I’d still want to split OSHW and Premium since I throw in SQLite registry support into the prem mainboards.

I’ve got a bunch of other modules I had already done that I need to port over. The nice thing is they’re pretty much the same code so it shouldn’t take long. :slight_smile:


@ Skewworks - You might have missed something.
There is no OSHW and Premium anymore.
Only one GHI SDK now. (for 4.3 at least)
But smaller boards does not support everything.


Yup, I did miss that. I’ll have to look into the 4.3 after I get this round of dev done.