Programming interface for Medusa

I accidentally ordered an USB Client SP instead of an USB Serial SP.
I don’t think it would be possible to use the client one :frowning:
If I use USB Client SP (or DP) for power only (only using 3V3, 5V0 and Gnd by breakout board), would it be possible to connect a normal USB/Serial converter or PC RS232 port to the serial pins?
Is it voltage compatible or would I need a conversion?

If not, can use USB Serial module (without power) + my powering via breakout and SP/DP? Serial SP is not available here that quick.

See picture.

Our will work but you will have to quickly press the reset button when you try to deploy. It is going to be a bit difficult.

@ Gus - Our means USB Client SP ?
What would be the needed timing?
Is it more: Release reset button -> start deploy withn ? sec.
or start deploy -> push reset within ? sec?

I could live with that until I get my correct modules.

There is an option in Arduino IDE to enable compiling output. I usually press reset when it is done compiling and is about to try to upload the code.

I just compared USB Client SP and USB Serial SP.
I don’t see how USB Client could work, because it simply connects the USB pins to the board.
Or does MedusaMini also have a USB chip onboard behind PROG socket?

It wouldn’t, but you are using it just for the power, according to your diagram, right?

But what can I use as serial.
Will a standard PC port (+/-12V level) work, or a FTDI USB/Serial?
Or do I need the USB serial Gadgeteer module?

No for the 12V levels.
Any FTDI USB Serial should work, Gadgeteer USB Serial should work too.I have used the one from Adafruit before as well as old FEZ block module.

Then I have to wait for ether my USB serial SP which is somewhere in Postal Ville or the USB serial which I’ve ordered today.