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Programming FAQ or tips & tricks


I think that such a FAQ would be useful. Now that there are more people on the forum, we’re starting to see questions that have already been answered at least once or twice.
Quite usual, but it may be frustrating to always answer the same answer to the same questions again and again. I think here at the now famous “How to turn off GC output ?”, for example.
Maybe a classic search wouldn’t give the answer as fast as expected, so maybe this kind of FAQ could become handy in this case.

What do you think ?


Not bad idea if we have a decent size FAQ. Why not start this on the wiki?


Yes , I prefer also the wiki (I post my opinion in the other thread)

[quote]I think the forum is not apropiate for this kind of FAQ.

As hullie said , he use the search button, but no result. Sad Sad Sad

So there must be some kind of tags for search like on

Or the wiki will be also an option. When I have some questions I ask wikipedia Tongue[/quote]


Location does not really matter, to me. It only has to be easily accessible.

Wiki is a good start.


I think the forum search needs some tuning. I tried it many times but it never gave me a reasonable result…

I can give some guidelines to create a google like search if you like. Just contact me at housy [at] telenet [dot] be.


If fact, if the website is ASP(.NET) or PHP, I would be glad to write a search engine! (I just like search algo’s that support fuzzyness, typo’s, singular/plural conversions)


Sounds very interesting. We could use a better search feature.

I will send you an email