Programming a Servo with .NETMF

Has anyone done any servo programming using the .NETMF?

(for context: [url]HITEC RCD USA)

If not, does anyone know if it is even possible?

@ Mr. John Smith - Did you check codeshare?

@ John - You may need to buy a Hitec servo programmer and snoop on the signals being sent back and forth. Hopefully it’s just serial. Or you can call Hitec support and ask them what the protocol is. The guys over there are pretty friendly.

Yea, I checked codeshare; and googled. It looks like nobody, not even arduino people have done it yet. I don’t have logic analyzer to snoop, so I will try the Hitech people.

I know Justin has done some work with servos

And there was also this

Not sure if any of that helps, but thought I’d throw it out there.

@ John, any update on progress?

@ kiwi_stu, Nope; I found a document regarding the theory but I need to find the circuit to interface between the serial port and the servo :frowning: