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Programmatically recognize version of "Fez Cobra II"


is there a way to programmatically recognize the version of “Fez Cobra II” (net or wi-fi)?

I would like to recognize if the card is a “net” or a “wi-fi” version and if there is an ENC28 module installed.



@ luca_santoro - One method that comes to mind is to see if either of the controller chips for either the WiFi or the ENC28 have an ID register and use a regular SPI read of the ID register to determine which may be present.


@ luca_santoro - As an alternative, if you wish to keep your eyes out of a datasheet, you could also try to initialize both the WiFi and the ENC28 in a try/catch block. If WiFi inits, its wifi, If ENC28 inits, it’s Net and if neither init you have an Eco.


I had thought of this solution, but I thought there was a version or subversion attribute.