Program not running

My G120E appears to be in bootloader mode, the application i have written is not running. And now my computer will not detect USB connection anymore?

Any suggestions? Is it stuck in bootloader mode?

@ anthonys -

how about reflash it?

Did that using fezconfig app

But i cannot connect by serial or USB now

@ anthonys -

Are you using G120E Development board or Spider II?

If G120E Dev:
1.There are pin 2.1/MODE (take a look at CAN 1, it is next to that), tight it to high.
2. Connect teraTerm to serial com 1, baudrate 115200, leave others setting to be default.
3. Hit reset, take a look at the TeraTerm screen, tell us what you see.
If Spider II

  • Push the switch 4 to on.
  • Connect teraTerm to serial com 1 (socket 11), baudrate 115200, leave others setting to be default.
  • Do step 3 above

Using a custom board…i will plug a logic analyzer to the rx,tx pins and see what happens? Maybe my ft adater is broken…it was working a couple days ago.

Finally got some COMS, when connected to serial…i get message GHI low-level loader 1.02…Bad Memory Detected

GHI…any assistance please?

Can you get into GHI loader mode (COM port active) and do a full Erase (E command) and then redeploy the loader and firmware?

How do i do a full erase? I can connect with UART using realterm, how do i run command?

use teraterm (the version from GHI site if you can) has a brief part on it - remember the 1k option when uploading the .GHI file !!

I have gone in bootloader but it doesn’t recognise when i press E key. THe G120E keeps on sending the astericks for some reason. I’m i doing it wrong?

See video

i’m starting to think the memory issue is real - do you have another G120?

I do but will be a bugger to remove and resolder :frowning:

@ anthonys - Did this board work correctly for awhile with your program on it or was it only after a recent deploy did it fail?

@ John - not sure…but has been working fine…i don’t think i did adeploy before it failed but can’t be sure

@ anthonys - To be sure: you get the bad memory and asterisks as soon as you plug in the board and connect your terminal software to it?

Yes…when i connect to COM 1 …the asterisk start immediately.

@ anthonys - Can you think of any damage or static discharge that the board might have encountered?

no…i had the board earthed

@ anthonys - Go ahead and contact us at Contact Us – GHI Electronics for an RMA, make sure to reference this thread.