Profibus anyone?

Anyone with experience with Profibus? IS this something we should be looking into for TinyCLR?

We use a Modbus/TCP - Profibus Gateway. There are some Profibus chips and modules, But I never thought it is worth the hustle.
The one we use is from Kunbus. By swapping out the 2nd part of the module we have gateways to a lot of different bus systems like Profinet, …
I think there is a Modbus/RTU module as well if you don’t want to use Ethernet as your primary interface.

I have had customers request Profinet, the ethernet version of Profibus. They usually end up using a gateway. I had considered using AnyBus board mounted modules to support any Industrial network but I didn’t have enough board real-estate. While more capable and faster the modules don’t really offer much more than I would get using a gateway from Modbus to Profibus/Profinet.
I am also not sure about the licensing and certification for Profinet. Like EthernetIP (AllenBradly) I believe there are licensing fees involved.

We developed code/drivers for Modbus Serial & TCP and if Profibus/Profinet/EthernetIP were a requirement at an installation we would purchase such a Modbus to ‘Other Protocol’ gateway device.

So, I would not consider such an effort by GHI as the best way to use GHI resources.!?


perfect… thanks everyone