Production release 1.0.5 is online

Thanks to our customer’s valuable feedback and support, GHI NETMF 4.0 SDK version 1.0.5 production release is now available.

This release also adds new features such as extended math libraries and SD card detect.

As always, check the release notes on the download page and make sure you update the firmware to the latest as explained in the video and the tutorial. Everything you need is on the download page

Everything is working great with VS2010 Professional :slight_smile:

Installing 1.0.5 will uninstall the prior release?

Looks like it…

Yes but is a good idea to uninstall the old SDK first. Note that you only need to uninstall and the GHI SDK. Keep the Microsoft SDK as it is

so does this mean the ALERT on the side of this page is no longer valid and that VS2010 is now supported?

I can see this is still NetMF4.0

No it is still alert, do not use VS2010

Using VS2010 requires you to have the Microsoft NETMF 4.1 (not 4.0) which is in beta now and you shouldn’t be using it unless you know what you are doing…and you are on your own if you have problems.

It will be only few weeks till Microsoft releases 4.1…we can’t wait :slight_smile: