Production begins

Thought so.

I need to get a PCB made but China is shutdown for the next 2 weeks and anything outside Asia is too expensive on shipping. The cheap shipping options would take way too long to get here. :frowning:

@ Dave McLaughlin - I will be in Shenzhen end of Feb if you want me to post locally…

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No problem for me if I order from DFRobot as I only pay max $14 for DHL shipping and sometimes I get a good discount. Last shipment arriving today was only $4 for DHL :slight_smile:

I might wait until they return to work and then order the 4 boards. Two of them are 4 layer and I like DFRobot’s pricing for these.

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And finally Mr DHL drops off a nice package :slight_smile:

And so our little adventure ends…


It ain’t over til the fat LED’y blinks.

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@ Justin - Sexy! Thar be gold in them thar pads!

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It’s harder to see Pikachu with those other components added.

Just FYI


@ Justin, Have you had DFRobot do boards with the castellated holes before?

Is it simply a matter of placing your holes on the board edge?

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I +1 that question

@ Dave McLaughlin - yes I have had a few designs done via DF with castellated pads.

As you have guessed just place your holes/pads centred on the board edge. Nothing fancy.


SOM is G80 ready…

Gary said if I didn’t mention this now he would make Gary Junior put me on a new list…i didn’t want to scar the poor boy and start him off on a slippery slope.