Production begins

With drilling…


@ Justin - Is that the PCB stack? how are you doing the PTHs?

@ Mr. John Smith - yup…

Me, I would use lacky bands and a cordless drill :smiley:

Since this is 4 layers I leave it up to the professionals…

Next up is indecent exposure :wink:


Top and bottom?

@ munderhill - bottom and top yes, inner 1 and inner 2 are not shown.

Strip tease time…

Well…tin strip at least :smiley:

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@ Justin - Looks like mandelbrots to me … :whistle:

… and they are also a mistery …

You ever try to make your own 2 layer PCB?

Justin would be disowned by this “family” at DFRobot if he did that. (not that I think this batch is a DFRobot job. We’ve seen these kinds of images in a previous run that he did through a UK based “rush job” firm). Spring Festival is coming up so perhaps he’s had his hand forced to make sure he got some product to test before doing a bigger run?

Does anyone else see Pikachu in the board?

@ mtylerjr - I think your pattern recognition system needs a little adjusting there. All I see is holes.

I think his medication needs to be tripled if he is seeing little cartoon characters in PCB designs.

@ mtylerjr - are you an astronomer?

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UV curing…

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@ Mr Smith - yes, Kinston film etc…but now I don’t bother.

And yes @ poundie is correct, these are being made locally in the land of Guinness drinkers…

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Ooooooo - shiny

Nothing like to golden sparkle of Au…

We have more in common with woman as they might think… They cure their nailpolish as we do PCB’s :wink:


Would that be Beta Layout as I think they send you pictures of each stage?

@ Dave McLaughlin - yup