Problems with VS2010 Pro installed after Express

Hello everyone,

Microsoft claims you can install VS2010 Express and Pro and they will not interfere with each other, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I installed the following in this order:

  1. VS2010 C# Express.
  2. NETMF 4.1.
  3. NETMF port kit.
  4. GHI SDK 1.0.11.

Everything worked. Then I installed VS2010 Pro complete, with local docs. Now, Express still works, but when I start a new NETMF project in Pro, two problems occur:

  1. The VS2010 Class Library, Console Application, Device Emulator, and Window Application project templates don’t appear, although all the FEZ/GHI ones are there.

  2. When I select a new “Fez Panda Application”, I get the following error dialog:

[Help] spirals into multiple ‘page not found’ errors. The system got as far as making the empty directory ‘c:\temp\3beozkav.pfl’.

Next I uninstalled and reinstalled the GHI SDK. That didn’t help.

Then on another machine, I installed VS2010 Pro, then #2-#4 in the above sequence, and everything works fine there.

Any suggestions to straighten this out would be appreciated. I really don’t want to uninstall and reinstall VS2010 Pro, since that’s a ~10 hour process (mostly to download the documentation for offline use.) And I’m not even sure that will fix the problem(s.)

Why do you want to have Express installed with Pro in the first place?

To take screenshots of the dev process using Express, for some training materials. It will be less confusing if I don’t show stuff in Pro that’s not found in Express.

Did you reinstall the SDKs after you installed Pro? I think the proper order would have been to install Pro/Express THEN the SDKs.

They may not hook if they are installed before.

The templates and such are stored in your local user profile for VS2010 and VS Express (different locations in your ‘My Documents’ I suspect. If uninstall/reinstall the SDKs everything should be fine.

“The project type is not supported by this installation” issue has been around for some time. Basically you will need to open project file in a file editor and remove/change some items there. Google it.

Thanks for the advice- indeed that worked! So yes you can have Express and Pro installed simultaneously, but you must install all SDKs and add-on components after installing either.

To summarize the process for those who have Express but want to install Pro later (and use both):

  1. Install VS2010 Express.
  2. Install NETMF 4.1
  3. Install GHI SDK. Now Express should be functional.
  4. Install VS2010 Pro.
  5. Uninstall GHI SDK.
  6. Uninstall NETMF 4.1
  7. Reinstall NETMF 4.1
  8. Reinstall GHI SDK. Now both Express and Pro should be functional.

I suspect if you install Express, Pro and then the SDKs it will also work. Don’t think you would have to install SDKs twice.

Yeah you would think so but That didnt seem to work for me. Had uninstall all the SDKs and then install VS2010 then reinstall all the SDKs.

Working sweet now though.

As a side note why are you installing the porting kit?

Porting kit is not mandatory unless you want to look at it or want to roll your own firmware.