Problems with setup

Can any one help, I have just installed my fez spider got the usb working installed the new firmware on the spider so i am fairly certain the board is working. boot up studio 2010 start new project and studio can not find the board, studio 2010 pro and windows 7. can somebody point me in the write direction.
error message is: Error 1 Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:Gadgeteer
all the board dips are set off

When you plug in the Spider do you hear any sounds or see a message in the lower right hand corner of the screen about a driver loading?

Do you see anything happen in the Device Manager when you plug in the Spider?

Hey thingreyman, welcome to the forums.

As Mike said, the best indicator is Device Manager. Take some screenshots of what you see after you just plug in the device. You may find the firmware update has left it in bootloader mode, which would mean you need to reinstall the firmware. But what DevMgr shows you will be the confirmation!

ok when i plug the board in device manager changes and shows USB debugger interface, is there an easier way of updating the firmware without having to go through the driver install shell??

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updated the firmware again. still the same error from vs, why is it never easy. am i seeing what i should on the device manager???

You need to give us more info so we can help you better. You get same error but what error?

The info in the Device Manager is correct. But the board is not being recognized by VS?

Try using MFDeploy, which comes with MF, to see what is the name of the board. It is
possible you loaded the non-Gadgeteer version of the EMX firmware. I believe it has a
different device name.

The great news is that the debuggable .Net device is exactly what you need to be able to deploy.

Step 1 is as Mike says, go to MFDeploy and check if it can see the device. You should select teh deployment method as USB and then your device should show up; change to Serial and it disappears; back to USB and it should reappear. Then, hit PING and it should respond TinyCLR.

Then the last thing to check is in a Visual Studio project. I’d suggest creating a brand new project, select a sime console applicaiton from the template, then once the code is generated open the project properties and change deployment to USB, and again your board should appear.

i am having trouble finding MFdeploy were would it normally be installed?

In Win7, it will be at…
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.2\Tools

ok still no joy finding MFdeploy. on the propertys page with out the board:

transport USB
device nothing

with the board
transport USB
device EMX_Gadgeteer

however the option to connect all sockets is grayed out and the device not found error still occurs when deploying

I don’t appear to have the micro frame directory at all. so i have tried to renistall from microsoft and it only gives me the option to repair. so i am going to unistall that and try again

The order of installation is absolutely important. You must uninstall the GHI components too and reinstall the Microsoft framework SDK and then the GHI framework SDK - since you look like the Netmf framework isn’t installed properly make sure you rip the GHI one out and then reinstall it once you get the Microsoft one (re)installed. The MFDeploy should be in something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.1\Tools\MFDeploy.exe (if you have the 4.1 install rather than the newer 4.2 install).

Well first of Many thanks to all that helped.
have a working unit HURRA
still no MFDeploy.exe did a total drive search and nothing
however the framework re install has done the trick, got the camera example working with no trouble at all. Am i likely to need mfdeploy?
once again thanks to you all.

Administrative rights issue? Try this, hit Windows key, type c:\program (move down to the 32-bit folder if you are on a x64 PC and have two) right click, run as admin, and check out the .Net Microframework folder then.

Yes, you’ll eventually use it to update your firmware or test the status of your firmware.

ok i am logged on as admin and still no sign of mfdeploy, although it did find the read me file in
C:\Users\jim\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1\Samples\Mouse\Mouse
but still no sign of the micro framework directory
ho hum any other ideas?

just one more quicky, if i want to run my code as a stand alone with power supply is, is it dips to tiny boot and then reset?

Documentation / samples directory seems normal in your user folder.

Somewhere, you have to have the .Net MF SDK installed. Please confirm this via Programs & Features in Control Panel. Take a screenshot.

Somewhere in Program Files (x86) directory, you have a netmf folder. If you don’t have the “(x86)” folder, then you must have the x86 version of Windows installed; it’ll be in Program Files directory then; substitute that folder. Open that folder, as administrator, navigate to the “Microsoft” list. Take another screenshot.

Upload the images here so we can see.

On your question about running your app; you do not need to change your DIP switches. Just power on up. If you went into bootloader mode, your app would never get the opportunity to run !