Problems with Microsoft.SPOT.Time

Hi. I am trying to gather internet time via a wifi link and then apply this time to a real-time clock from DFRobot. I am using a Fez Spider 1.0, programming with VS2012 with gadgeteer wifi module. I can’t seem to get the Program.cs script to recognise the validity of ‘using Microsoft.SPOT.Time’, i.e. the ‘.Time’ portion remains underlined and unrecognised within the script. I obviously can’t then go on to use any of the relevant functionality Microsoft.SPOT.Time provides. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong here? I have done some rooting around but can’t seem to find a solution. Many thanks.

Have you read this document?

I think you might have not added the associated DLL to the project references.

Well that was easy! Thank you so much!