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Problems with Internet explorer and forum pictures


For some reason pictures don’t show up in IE like they do in Crome.
I’m using IE 8 and have tried with and without the ‘Compatibility view’ on.
Dos anyone else experience this, and if so, -can it be fixed serverside?


I see the same thing. I think it is when pictures are embedded as links rather than using this site to host them.


I wish users do not do that. Once their link is gone the thread will look ugly


If I have only one image to upload, I usually use the “Image upload” field.

But sometimes, the image I want to upload is also part of either my own blog/site or shared with other users, hence the external link.

Also, we cannot upload more that one picture in a single message. That’s why we have to put external links to images.


I do agree with Bec a Fuel. Sometimes one picture is not enough to illustrate something. And this workaround should be available if the image is available somewhere else. Or at least the IE an Crome should yield the same result.
I was about to beg Ramon for images when I tried switching to Crome and there they were.


Indeed. Maybe add the possibility to add multiple images as attachment?


How about multiple images as in ‘Video’?? :smiley:


Possible :smiley:


I’m think I’ll add the ability to upload four images per post soon.


This is another reason why I think my upload VS Solution idea may be an easier model. Everything stays a neat unit of recovery. Pictures stay inside solution. At least maybe have the option.