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Problems with GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m playing with a FEZ Domino Starter kit but I’ve a problem.

The code below doesn’t works when I add as reference GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware

FEZ_Components.LED led2 = new FEZ_Components.LED(FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di5);

Is there any known problem?


Did you update your firmware to the latest?


I have the same problem. Even the example:
does not work any more as soon as I add the reference GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.

I have Installed everything yesterday. So the firmware should be up to date.

Does anyone have a solution?


Same answer. Please update your firmware. This is a very common mistake for beginners and this is why we have a very clear notice on the website. Look to the right to the big notice :wink:

It is explained in tutorial and in this video