Problems with Credit Card processing

For whatever reason, the GHI website is claiming my Debit card is being declined. But when I call the bank, they have no record of any transactions let alone declining one. I then immediately go to Mouser order exactly the same items and have no problem at all charging them to my Debit Card.

You’re not being “Processor Declined.” Our payment processor returns, “Transaction cannot be processed. Please use a different payment card.”

The error message specifically said declined, and directed me to call my bank.
Sorry about the image, but if you click on it you will see the exact message.

That was the response we display based on the processor’s error code. Further investigation reveals that the error code is a gateway decline. The error on our website has been updated to reflect what exactly is going on. The transaction was declined by PayPal. We suggest you contact PayPal for more information. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Just curious why paypal has anything to do with this. I did not offer to pay by paypal I offered my Debit card. If paypal is at fault it may help for you to indicate that paypal is the culprit not the bank or GHI.

I contacted PayPal to find out what was going on.
Apparently, they had a suspicious transaction and disabled the card I was trying to use.
At no point have they contacted me about the transaction or the fact that my card has been disable on their site.
They were very proud of the fact that they had protected me but since it was only as suspicion of fraud they did not pursue it any further.
They will not re-enable the card because of an attempted suspicion.
So as long as GHI uses PayPal to clear credit/debit cards I will not be allowed to purchase any products from them.
Thank goodness there are vendors who carry GHI products so I am not totally cut off.