Problems downloading and GC going nuts


looking for some help!
Everything was working well and then not too long ago I started having some problems with a Panda 2. I keep the code under source control for my own use, and reviewing what’s changed I don’t see anything that could be causing such an issue.

first, trouble downloading. I suddenly need to click the play button to download (C# 2010 express) mutliple times, and hit the reset mutliple times before I can get it to download. it says building assemblies to deply, and just hangs, sometimes if I hit reset it will continue. sometiems it hangs saying rebooting. frequently I’m getting check your hardware etc. I am making 3-4 attempts sometimes before it all starts working, unplugging and reconnecting the USB etc. it always works eventually. I never had any trouble before.

the device seems to “lock up” sometimes, this could very well be a problem with my code I know. if an exception is thrown internally and Im not hooked up to the debugger to see it, would the effect be the device simply freezes?

and last but not least, the garbage collector seems to be going into overdrive or something. I’m used to seeing the table reporting the memory and the results of the GC, this used to run every minute or so, but now (again nothing substancial has changed in the code) the GC seems to be running almost constantly, 2-3 times a second the GC 4msec etc etc is appearing in the output window. its overrunning all my debug statements and I can’t even see them any more. what could cause that? and how do I fix it?



the message that displays in the status bar at the first frequent lockup location is:
“Preparing to deploy assemblies to the device”
it just sits there until eventually timing out after a couple minutes.

wow! I still have open questions if someone could please help me out…but for the benefit of anyone else searching for solutions to simiar problems.
Andre’s comment prompted me to think of something, a while back I switched which USB port I’m using, since the ports on the other side of the computer became more convenient when I moved stuff around. those are USB 3.0 ports. and even though they should be entirely compatible…who knows, well I moved the cable back to the other side of my computer to plug into the 2.0 port that I was using earlier, and the deployment issues seem to have resolved instantly.

still not sure about the GC or the panda freeze.
by the way, is there any way to ensure that if the panda encounters an error, that all the output pins turn off? when the panda freezes currently, the outputs seem to just get stuck where they are. that could be a safety hazard, I’d rather everything power down if there’s an error.