Problems Deploying Managed Software with Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express


After I got the device running again, I tried to debug my software on the ChipworkX Development System again, but the debugging says “Preparing to deploy assemblies to the device”, then “Rebooting…”, but then it jumps out of the debugging sequence. Why?


You have updated your firmware but your project still uses old libraries.

@ anm This is a very old and well known issue, Gus is a huge fan :wink: Just remember to always update the references in your project or start a new one after you install a new version of SDK.

Could this be avoided by changing some settings in the referenced GHI assemblies properties like :
[ulist]Local copy set to False
Specific version set to False[/ulist]


updating references did it…


@ Bec a Fuel

Yes it’s a lot easier than updating the references each time a new version comes out :slight_smile: