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Problems adding References to VS2008



Thank you all for participating in a supporting forum! This is something that I can see grow real big and interesting! Hope in the future I can also give you all assistance in some way…

I am obviously new and this is my question:

I have downloaded the GHI NETMF 4.1 SDK and installed it, but as soon as I add a dll from the assemblies folder I get the following error - and it happens on all that I add…

I have installed the Micro Framework (If you were wondering)

Maybe I am missing something?

I also can’t find the way to setup the emulator to be the same as - say the Chipworkx system…

Thank you al for your time and if so - all assistance…


You need vs2010



Thanks - just read it 2 minutes ago and was about to update my post… Sorry!!!
And its got a big label:

Important note: Requires .NET Micro Framework 4.1 and Visual Studio 2010

And I missed it…

Thanks for the assistance!

I have a question then - I wanted to buy the ChipworkX Development System, would this mean I will need to buy VS2010 as well? Or is this requirement only for running the GHI NETMF SDK?



The Visual Studio 2010 Express versions are free:



Seems I am going to be one of those newbies where everybody hopes I will never post again:

New error: I will uninstall all again and try again, but currently maybe someone have seen this before:

It happens as I try to create a ChipworkX project from VS2010 Express…

Thanks again for all your time!


Please follow getting started guide. It is step-by-step process.


Like Mike said, the getting started guide is a great resource.

The key though is the ORDER you do things in.

You must install VS2010 first
THEN install the NetMF 4.1 SDK from Microsoft
THEN install the latest GHI SDK. It would seem you may still have some of those things in place and just installed VS2010

good luck !



Thanks - I just want to say that I did follow the install guide step by step, but as you know first with VS2008 (oops), so I then uninstalled the Micro framework and uninstalled the GHI SDK, then I installed VS2010 Express, then the Micro Framework and then the GHI SDK, and thats when I posted my problem error…

So maybe there is some files that were left behind on the un-installs?
I don’t want to waste your time and I am sure if I struglle a while I will get it sorted, I just thought maybe you could tell me exactly what to look for…

Thanks again though for all the great and quick advice…


Well the error is pretty simple VS 2010 does not think you have .net micro framework installed. Which would mean uninstalling ghi and .net microframework then rebooting and installing them again.



Thanks - I do believe you, the problem is I posted the error after the 3rd time trying… Following the steps exactly…

So currently I am creating myself a new clean VM, if it still happens I will try doing it outside my VM…

So I will let you know as soon as I got it up and running… Hopefully pretty soon…

Thanks again!


skip the GHI SDK for now. Make sure you have Visual C# express 2010 installed and NETMF SDK then go through the book and load “hello world” project on emulator. Once that is done then add GHI SDK



Thanks - the new VM is almost ready - so this is a good idea - I will definately do it like that…
Doing it step by step will ensure that I did not maybe install VS2005 “accidentally” this time :wink:


Resolved - Ok, thanks for all the great assistance - it is really appreciated!

After setting up the new clean VM, and doing the installs, I can report that it is running perfectly - so now I can start having some fun!!!