Problem with sending data to online database

I am going to build a device with camera module,compass and gsm module… i have some problem with sending pictures that we taken from camera module via gsm module via gprs…does anyone have solution to do that

No need for double post. Please provide more details about the problem.

I am going to make a device with camera module and gsm module, i need to send pictures to a online database by using gsm module via gprs,but i have no idea about the coding for online data base connectivity with gsm module could you please help me to do this?

My advise would be to let a web service on the server handle all the DB work for you. Use simple REST/JSON requests to the server with data packets that needs to be stored in the DB. Plenty of example on the Web.

could you plz send me a link… coz am a verry bigginer on using these technology

Is fez hydra support for gprs module?

I would have to search for it using Google. You should be capable to do that.

Looks like this module should do it for you:

Disclaimer: I have no experience with the above module.

ok,thanx i’ll do ma best…thanx for helping me… ;D

You are welcome! Keep us posted on your progress ;D

A piggyback question about this module:

Do you need to get an account with a cell provider (AT&T, Verizon, etc) to use a cellular modem?


But I believe that the GPRS module only supports GSM which means Verizon is not a candidate vendor. AT&E is ok.