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Problem with mini robot kit


Sorry if my English is not good, I’m Italian.
I just bought the robot kit, when I opened the packaging (the red-card-mini and the
blue-card-servo were already assembled). I noticed that, compared to PDF are mounted
in the opposite direction. On the pdf brochure the usb connettor (on the mini) is
near the buttons d2 d4 (on the blu) and the uext connector (on the mini) is near
the rs232 (on the blu). In the mine are in reverse, usb connettor (on the mini) is
near the rs232 (on the blu). Is it wrong, Is it an assembly error ? Thanks.



It is packaging error, sorry about that. Please follow what you learnt from the user manual. :wink:



do NOT worry about your English. It’s far better then the average I’m used to see from other Italian people :wink:

And welcome to the FEZ club.



Thank you all for fast response.
How can I to extract it. With one hand I take the red card
and the other hand the blue card and shooting ? I am afraid to break
something. Or I have to call-up from the bottom ? Thanks ?



Try to pull FEZ Mini (the red card) up slowly. it requires some force but don’t worry it won’t break.


You are so kind, I’ am a beginner and I have another question for you
(before I’ doing damage). I also bought a domino starter kit, on the
domino brochure’s I have read “external power connector jack” 7- 12V,
“Vin for external pow er 6 - 12V” is it the same ? What happens if I put
6 - 12V on the “external power connector jack” ?
Thanks in advance to all - Bye Stefano


6v is okay but we recommend 7v as voltage may drop when you start adding sensors