Problem with Gadgeteer.Net.WebEvent vs Gadgeteer.Networking.HttpRequest

I have a Webserver up & running, and is capable to transmitting binary data, (settings & configurations) back using a WebEvent. Data can be saved normally using a typical web browser on a PC.

I also had two Cobra’s running, and was able to serialize the data on one, transmit it across and de-serialize it on the other one using Gadgeteer.Neworking.HttpRequest, but the receiving Cobra INITIATED the transfer.

I have since created a webpage, and can upload the binary files back to the devices using a Post command with the Webevent as the web browser INITIATES the transfer. The only problem I have, is using the same line of code, I can’t de-serialize because there is extra information contained within the “body” of the message. I created a small text file, with the words “MY TEST FILE”, and echoed it back to me, This is what I received:

-----------------------------7e13831930d32 Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“datafile”; filename=“File.txt” Content-Type: text/plain MY TEST FILE -----------------------------7e13831930d32–

I verified the exact same info gets added to the binary…

Does anyone know of a way to simply strip out the extra information??, (or create an event using the same format at HttpResponce)? Most of it is already available in Body.ContentType, which leads me to believe its not being parsed right. (Is there another field I need to send to strip this from the body?)