Problem with G80

I have a problem with the G80.
When I press start to load the code to the board it is blocked.
I can load the code a couple of times before it crashes.

Attached image.

Is the G80 on a custom board design?

Could it be power related if so?

it’s also equally likely it’s your code. something like a tight loop that doesn’t allow the device to run the debugging engine can cause the symptom you describe. You might need to show us your code.

A good strategy is to add a 10 second wait (or wait for a button press) into your code at startup, so that you can just reset the device, and hit deploy.

If you can see the device in device manager, but VS can’t deploy, it’s pretty certain it’ll be a code issue. If you can’t see the device in device manager, then it’s more likely hardware related

I designed the board, but this is the N ° 4 board I reviewed and with the same codes.

Your code is super simple so I am suspecting this is a design issue.

How have you laid out the power and the USB etc. Do you have sufficient decoupling on each of the power pins as close as you can get them to the processor?

Are you able to share the design files for a quick review?