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Problem with FEZ Spider display and USBClientDP module


I have a brand new FEZ Spider starter kit, but I’m starting to think that there is something wrong with it. I cannot get the display module to work. Is it supposed to show anything when booting or updating the firmware? Mine is only flickering.
I have followed the “Getting Started Guide” but nothing is displayed when the camera takes a picture. Also, when I connect external power to the USBClientDP module in addition to the USB cable, the spider is disconnected from the computer and I can no longer deploy to it.


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A flickering display usually indicates not enough power. Make sure you power it from a powered USB hub or add a (center positive) DC wall wart in the 6-9V, 1A range. You can have both USB and the DC jack plugged in at the same time as long as they share a common ground (computer and wall wart sharing mains ground).

Also make sure you have all 4 IDC connectors in the right sockets.


Gadgeteer core disables the display if you do not add it in the designer. Still, the display shouldn’t flicker I do not think!

If display interface is enabled, you will see some messages on the screen on power up.


Is this the measurements of the connector for the USB Client DP Module: 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel jack

Can I hook the module directly to a 24VDC Lead acid battery pack?


Please start new topic instead of replying. 2.1mm


I have been abroad for some time, so I had to give up on my gadgeteer. However, I have picked it up again and given it another attempt. This time with a new power supply. I have updated to the latest firmware and my deployment problems seems to be gone now, but my display module is still only flickering. Right now I’m forced to assume its a hardware fault.
Any idea?



@ gakkan - Have you tried to build a default Gadgeteer project with your display module and deploy it? This will properly initialize the mainboard for the display. This need to be done after any firmware installationl


@ gakkan

Also verify that the RGB sockets match R to R, G to G, and B to B. That can lead to the display not working correctly.