Problem with EMX development kit

I have EMX development kit with 3.5 LCD. The hardware was currently not detected in MF deploy tool. Even it is not booting with 6V Power supply. The LCD is showing blank screen with backlight. I have checked EMX development system.pdf and tried to update firmware as per guideline with section 4.3 but there is not positive result.

Please guide, how to start the hardware?

How long have you had the board for?
Is anything connected to it?
Are connecting it directly to the PC with no hubs?
What do you see under device manager?

I am using board from last 1 year.
RS232 Cable is connected with EMX.
RS232 connection is directly to the PC.
USB Device is not getting detected in device manager.

I have observed that EMX IC “LPC2478FET208” is getting heated after few minutes.

I am afraid something, possible static, has damaged the processor somehow.