Problem with 7" TFT

Hi all new here :slight_smile:

Just received my Fez Cobra & 7" TFT. Connected as per PDF file and added external 6v 1amp PSU, PC recognises the Cobra, but should the display show anything on boot up? Tried the example but seem I cant get the display to work. Any ideas


Hi Pete,

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Can you double check that the cable is plugged in correctly, you have enough voltage going to it and that the example has deployed correct?

I’m sure Gus will be online in an hour or two from now and be able to help you further.

No the Cobra is defaulted to the 3.5" display. You need to load the LCD configuration. This is explained, with code, on the 7" display page I think


Ok I’ve rechecked cable, loaded LCD config file and all is running, I can get the touch position feed back, but still can get the LCD to display anything it just look blank :frowning: any help?

Does the backlight turn on at least?

Are you sure you did not attach the flex cable backward not even once?

I did once. Sitting w/ a fried LCD. But that’s what happens when you’re silly :wink:

Hope Pete3 didn’t make the same mistake

No backlight and I followed the instrunction in color 7" touch display panel brochure

Doesn’t there exist connectors with the pins on one side only? It would save many displays :smiley:

Please contact GHI directly with a link to this post and details on your order.

ok but the problem is im from the UK

All sortted :), Just got it back. Turns out it was the connecting cable was damaged. all up and runnig.