Problem when using T43 instead of T35 display module

I have a custom made board with EMX module. Using ver 4.2
I developed my project with a T35 display module.
There was no problem, working perfect. I decided to use a bigger display. And ordered 3 T43 display modules.
I changed my codes and gadgeteer model explorer to T43 . Recompiled, there is no problem with drawing and displaying to any pixel of the screen but I have touch problem. the touch down and up coordinates seems to be set to T35 screen setings. Couse its always some left and up according to real touch coordinates. And its impossible to touch to bottom right of the display.
So I created a new hello world gadgeteer project with T43 , compiled ,deployed, reset for new dirvers to be loaded (not solved)
I tried another brand new T43 (not solved)
Tried the examples (not solved)
I debug and see that the ScreenHeight and ScreenWidth are 272 and 480.
What can I do ?

Thanks. I wanted to do without calibration, as I think its another issue.
But calibration solved my problem.