Problem downloading VS Express

I can’t seem to download VS Express C#.

I clicked on the link from the Tiny CLR downloads page, clicked on the C# download and selected English. The computer made a couple of bell sounds and loaded a page that said thanks for downloading. But as far as I can tell, it didn’t actually download.

What am I missing? If it did download, what file should I run to get VS Express loaded?



I tried from the link and it worked out right.

The program that you first download is vcs.web.exe and is abut 3.1 mb, after you execute “run” that file it starts to setup VS and in the installation it download the rest of the VS


What browser are you using?

If you don’t mind a 700 MB download, or want to install VS Express on more than one system, you might want to download the CD ISO image that includes all four Express versions. That’s what I did for installation on four systems, all of which installed fine.

Thanks everyone. I’m going to try some of those ideas and see. I’m using internet explorer on Windows XP running through boot camp on my mac. I suspect the problems are related to trying to do this on th emac, but I’ll try some stuff and report the results.

The MS site is [italic]very[/italic] picky about it’s downlaods. Emac could very well be the issue. If you can’t find a way to dl it perhaps I can host the file on skewworks for you to grab

Thanks Skewworks, let’s try that. Oddly, I was able to download the vcs_web.exe file to the OSX side of the computer, but when I moved it into bootcamp territory and tried to load it through Windows, it told me it was not an executable file.

I’ll try downloading it from your site, and if that doesn’t work, maybe I can pull out an old pc, load XP and go from there.

Much obliged. Not giving up yet.

you were right, it is doing weird.

This is the original installer in a zip file from my own blog.
Scanned for virusses, let me know how it worked out!

Rob beat me to it. If his link doesn’t work let me know and I’ll upload when I get home around 5PM CST

Gosh I though ‘everything’ was simpler and just worked on a Mac :wink:

(Sorry could not resist…)

You’re thinking of a FEZMac

FEZ Mac would be great :smiley:

A Big MAC would taste better :wink:

Yes, but that still tastes like almost nothing. :smiley:

@ Grant, I’m running on a Mac too. I can download VS Express just fine, using the procedure in your original post, running Safari on OSX. So you might want to download the ISO there, burn it to CD, then install it after booting into XP via Bootcamp.

one of my Xmas wishes is to have VSExpress run on my mac (natively, not through bootcamp or vm)… but i doubt it will come true…

If MS / Novell is trying to make this happen, it will open up to lot more potential!