Problem deploying with referenced dll

I’m very new to all this so don’t shoot me if it’s a dumb question.
I’m using the codeshare of mike jones (

At first I just built his project and used those dll’s, but then I noticed the code was for 4.1 framework.
So I built his project for the 4.2 version and copied the dll’s in my bin folder.
Next I deleted the original reference and added a new one (same name!).

When trying to deploy (or build) I get the following error:

Error 1 Could not copy the file “D:\projects\JenkinsMonitor\JenkinsMonitor\bin\Debug\LE\” because it was not found. JenkinsMonitor

After some help from mr Google I cleaned the solution and rebuilt it, without success.
So what else can I do to fix this (use a differen name for the dll’s ??)

oh yes for the interested ones, I’m making a jenkins extreme feedback device and so I’m trying to read the JSON it spits out.

Looks like it can’t find the .pe file. Did you copy those as well?

@ andre.m: They are seperate projects.

It’s strange I just rebuilt the JSON solution, copied all the files and relinked the references.
This time it does work.

I noticed that sometimes the .pe file in the “le” directory disappears when rebuilding.
Would it be smarter to put these third party dll in a folder outside the bin?

What are those .pe files anyway?

Yes, generally, placing the referenced library outside of the solution directory cures this problem, the error can still occur if you place it anywhere in the solution’s directory.

The PE extension stands for Portable Executable, think of it as the NETMF equivalent of an EXE.