Pricing the new SITCore family

The website is now complete, minus product images! It also shows pricing info. Please take a look and provide feedback on website and we hope you like the prices :slight_smile:

All boards are coming in the next few days and we will be updating the website and you with details.

One thing in question is what FEZ boards we will use internally and which ones we will release to the public Which FEZ is your favorite FEZ? All of them come with WiFi except Stick.

  • FEZ Portal (4.3" display with cap touch)
  • FEZ Duino (Arduino Form Factor)
  • FEZ Feather (Feather Form Factor)
  • FEZ Bit (micro:bit Form Factor)
  • FEZ Stick (Small and simple! But it can take 2 click modules like PocketBeagle )

My favorite boards are FEZ Portal and FEZ Duino !

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Starting a post about click boards

I’m totally on board with the FEZ portal. I love the idea of a touch screen that’s programmable in C#. Now you won’t need a separate circuit board in addition to mounting a display!

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The stick with a lora module would be good for remote sensing… But I also like the portal, everything is there.

mine too : Fez Portal / Fez Duino (still arduino module lover)

We almost scrapped the Duino board since Arduino is just getting too old but looks like there are still Arduino form factor fans. I am glad we have kept it around.

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I think the feather format is a great idea. It is starting to become a standardized format. I have seen other companies developing devboards for their processors or peripheral chips that are in that format.
I have quite a few feather boards for various one-off projects. Looking forward to using that format with C# and SITCore!

fez portal, fez stick … and fez feather in third position.

  • Portal for HMI apps
  • Stick for headless and lower cost
  • Feather when small format and WiFi are required

can’t find the prices … are they so small :slight_smile: ?

Look further down on the page

got it. thanks

Will the FEZ Portal Board be available without display (for replacement if board or display get damaged)?

Prices are fine. That’s a H7 after all.

And the new website is cute :slight_smile:

If they look like I imagine then they are all my favourite :heart_eyes:

Keep in mind that WiFi (that is serious commercial grade WiFi, not ESP32) is included. Just saying :slight_smile:

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You’d better say what’s not included. List will be shorter :wink:


Kitchen Sink is optional !


Here’s are double sink model…Oops…I don’t think even Insider’s were suppose to see this.