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Pricing: FEZ Panda compared to FEZ Mini


Picture for just a moment that the spectacular introductory price on the FEZ Panda was gone. The FEZ Panda would then be $34.95. Jump over to the FEZ Mini and we can see the price is $49.95.

I obviously don’t know all the internal things that go on behind production of these things. They seem to use the same USBizi chip, but the FEZ mini has less copper, solder, PCB, no power barrel connector, and no breakaway pins soldered on.

Would someone care to elaborate on why the FEZ mini is more expensive?


Mini has rs232 and it is 2 sided plus include a reset chip


Hi Gus,

When you say RS232 do you mean the 12V Serial? Or UART 3V3?
Also, what do you mean by Reset chip. I think I’m getting confused with the reset button.


Nop, it is a reset chip (not button) for better handling power noise. This is not needed on the economy version :slight_smile:

Also, FEZ Min ihas RS232 (yes 12V). Look here at UART


Thanks for the explanation Gus, I never noticed that before.