Preview 2 issues thread

This is about preview 2 insider release. We will start using Github issue tracker with the next preview 3 when we go public. With this preview 2 release we would like to keep things under insider.

So in preperation for if and when the pony express finally completes the arduous journey into the deep south Pacific what software does an overexcited school boy install? :smile:

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There is a detailed post with links coming on Wednesday. We are trying to see if we can sneak in one wire today.


Sweet, I will start camping out next to the mailbox :hugs:



Result Summary

Waybill: 3324130191 Signed for by: Charlie WaltersGet Signature Proof of Delivery Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 09:31Origin Service Area:ROMULUS, MI - MADISON HEIGHTS - USADestination Service Area:NZ REGIONAL SERVICE AREA - WHANGAREI - NEW ZEALAND 1 Piece

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 Location Time Piece
17 Delivered - Signed for by: Charlie Walters WHANGAREI 09:31 1 Piece
16 With delivery courier NZ REGIONAL SERVICE AREA - NEW ZEALAND 07:09 1 Piece
Monday, January 20, 2020 Location Time Piece
15 Forwarded for delivery AUCKLAND - NEW ZEALAND 11:32 1 Piece
14 Forwarded for delivery NZ REGIONAL SERVICE AREA - NEW ZEALAND 10:59 1 Piece
13 Clearance processing complete at AUCKLAND - NEW ZEALAND AUCKLAND - NEW ZEALAND 10:22 1 Piece

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Pity I’m 200km away from home :sob:


should have picked it up from AKL when it was there. Now you have to go fight Charlie Walters for the package when you get home !

I did try and intercep it in akl but for a change they were uber efficient and it was already on the bus north when I rang.

Charlie is my rural postie, he would have just signed for it and chucked it in the back door.

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Righto, home and I have ripped the box open, very cool :smile:

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leave a day early did you? Or was your PC set to GHI timezone? :slight_smile:

Buggered if I know.

New logo on matte black boards looks very Gucci

I like it alot :blush:

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Are the USPS packages sent with tracking numbers?

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yes, I got my tracking ID this morning. Sigh, it’s still in Chicago, on it’s way to Sydney.

Hope it doesn’t take too long… Cripes if Justin gets it before us, he’ll have a little micro version of TinyCLR V2 running before we’ve had a chance to plug it in!

he’s sworn to secrecy just like us, so I’m sure we’ll not hear from him just like normal :wink:

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Too late - i have goodies sitting on my desk already :rofl:

Loose lips sink ships…but in saying that…:blush:

Is it possible to get the source code for the initial program that comes pre-loaded? I would like to take a look at the display initialization process. The docs only show when using the UCMStandard pin names not the SitCore names.

Is that the camera test code?

Did everyone get a tracking number? I haven’t gotten one yet :confused: