Prepacked Fez Domino with LCD, battery, and joystick interface


I’ve come from working with the STM32 Primer2 device to the Fez Domino. I was working to turn the Primer2 into a product but the coding for it has been a debugging nightmare. Support was very poor. Can you come up with a comparable version for the Fez Domino? Desperately trying to get my product idea completed.

No no, my friend! 128x128 8-bit display? very limited resources?..not enough.
What I want is a large 3.5" or 4.7" display…480x272 pixels…16bit for real colors and few megabytes of ram…wifi… Ethernet…full TCP/IP stack with SSL…and many more options :smiley:

So how would you like to have a device like that? i know I want one :wink:

More bells and whistles are always nice but for what price? Trying to make a low cost portable solution. Does GHI provide an engineering service to produce a custom device? Please provide details here or email me. Thanks!

I was giving you hints on something to come in near future. Keep on domino for now and soon you will see more options. Sorry, I can’t say more

and yes, we provide custom design service

where are the pre-orders going?? :wink:

Maybe next month. We will see

Yes, you have got my curiosity. Is the cost going to be in the same area as the Fez Domino or Primer2 though? I am very happy with the Fez Domino so far. Just trying to get a new product concept done so I can make money with it. With whom do I inquire about customization services? Just send needed specs to contact us email address? Thanks!

Not sure about price yet but it will not be same as domino for sure.

Yes you can email us directly about your design needs

TCP stack on the USBizi would make me a happy little monkey :wink: Have I said that before? :wink: