Premium Hyrda

I’m not sure if this has been asked before but is GHI planning a 200MHz+ premium Gadgeteer module?

I’ve found I’m already taxing the Cobra for my Pipboy project and I’d love to throw Gadgeteer at it but Hydra doesn’t have the premium libraries/sockets I need and Spider/Cerb don’t have the horse power I need.

If you make it…we will buy it. Heck I’d even buy a second Hydra if it could be ordered as either OSS or Premimum and keep one of each firmware on hand :slight_smile:

Why 200? Why not 400?

We want to be VERY careful and not mix premium and OSHW. Open source community is very critical about these things. But who cares for hydra! You really need a trip to GHI headquarters :slight_smile:


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If you provide open hardware with a closed library, like the Panda, it is OK. But, if you provided open hardware with both an open and a closed library it is bad?

@ Gus I’m taking vacation middle of next month with the kids to WI Dells, maybe I’ll take an extra day or two and swing by GHI afterwards.

Yes and I was very surprised. Some haters used panda against us! They said we are cheating the open source community buy selling hardware that uses closed sources!!! I thought they just want the design files so they can RTOS or arduino with our board but I was 100% wrong. Lesson learned, never offering closed source libs for open source boards. And there is no need to :wink: we have both with very clear line in between.

People complained about the Panda?! I freaking love the Panda II!

I pull it out every time I need to do a quick component check or prototype before going to a bigger board.

Forget the haters, you get 'em everywhere. Just can’t please some people.

We actually did, we pleased them by offering 100% open source offers. So now you can pick what fits your needs best

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It is very difficult to reason with religious zealots! :slight_smile:

How can anyone object to free closed software?


Reminds me of a Customer … who wanted a discount on a free product !


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Hmm, would that lead to negative taxes ?