Preliminary G120 Manual Online

We are very happy to announce the posting of the Preliminary G120 SoM manual. This manual covers pinouts to NETMF examples; included are answers to common questions.

As an aside, for customers looking for the G400 SoM Manual, it will be posted very shortly.


how 'bout a link? thx

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Looks good and really useful to have all that info in one place when starting out.

It might be worth putting the info on which GPIO pins support hardware interrupts in the Design Co consideration section.

@ Jeff - I looked at the document quickly and it looks great. Is there a specific place in the document where the SDK version used is identified? This would avoid “the example(s) does not compile” postings. Of course, if the workspaces and APIs are fever going to change this would not be necessary.

A nice document, but:

On the same power domain as the RTC ( Real Time Clock) there are 32 Bytes (5 x 4-byte) of

Page 63.
The last time a took 5 times 4 I got 20.

And: If you create such a document for every SoM, you get a lot of douplicate Content.
I’d personally prefer a single common document and only specific documents for the SoM specific parts.
Or a single document, which covers all SoM’s.
Just my personal taste.

Agreed! Versions of firmware and netmf etc more clearly, and seperate docs.

You are correct

Page 786 of the user manual confirms that there are 20bytes of battery backed up RAM.

For reference these are:-
GPREG0 = 0x4002 4044
GPREG1 = 0x4002 4048
GPREG2 = 0x4002 404C
GPREG3 = 0x4002 4050
GPREG4 = 0x4002 4054

:slight_smile: thank you all for the great suggestions and the identification of errors… that’s why I really love the forum… everybody helps everybody!

PS Keep them coming.

@ Jeff - You help us… we help you …

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It looks like descriptions for P0.4 and P0.5 pins are swapped. Also, P1.4 description is missing E_TXEN. I would also suggest making a note that you cannot use SPI1 and COM2 with enabled handshaking simultaneously - it is not obvious until you check pin descriptions.

@ iamin - Thanks. CAN2 and E_TXEN have been corrected. As for SPI1 and COM2, you need to check the pinout table for the G120 to know which pins to use anyway, as you would for any multiplexed function.