PPP and RTC sleep

One more info:
My goal was to achieve a few mA with cobra on sleep.off , but my multimeter shows 23mA.

I think i’m going to open a new thread for that…

hagster on another thread got 4.4mA with sleep.off

but (now i know) he was using G120HDR, so i assume the best i can get with a cobra board is something like 18-24mA

@ geologic - I’ll take a look and see if PowerOff works and fix it otherwise.

@ geologic -

On FEZ Cobra, there is not only G120 module but also some LEDs, caps, and Wifi module.

Did you try with FEZ Spider II? I think it is lower consumption than FEZ Cobar II in low power mode.

@ Dat - what’s a FEZ Spider II . Am I missing something?

@ hagster -

I think he is young brother of FEZ Spider :)))