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Powering two boards with one DPClient?


Hello guys,
i can’t seem to find my USB Power Module for the Hydra and was wondering if it is possible to power Both Spider and the Hydra from a single DPClient Module?
If yes please tell me how…

Note: i do not need to debug both at the same time all i need is to power both at the same time… using a 12VDC 4A power adapter.
If NOT: any suggestion on how to power the Hydra without the power module?



You “could” (at your own risk) do it with a wall wart, voltage dividers, and an Extender module…


thanks Ian,
the extender is already taken and being used… and i do not want to risk anything… the Hydra is too dear to risk…


Another possible solution I just thought of… I’d like to hear Gus’ take on it. Assuming that the power supply for your one DP module is sufficient then you should be able to run a cable from any socket on one Hydra to the other Hydra if you cut out the wires for everything except the +5V, 3V3, & GND pins. You would have to sacrifice a cable, but in theory it should work if you’re not powering too many modules.



That’s exactly what I was thinking of doing, but wanted to hear from others to confirm it’ll work…
Gus or someone from GHI can you please let us know…
The only modules I’ll be using are the Nordic wireless, one on each board…

Btw it’s good idea about using the cable… The way I was going to do it is by grabbing the power from the extender since it is powering the module…



Can you do it? Yes
Will it be okay? Yes probably

Do we provide support for this or we guarantee anything? No.


I dont think it will be required to cut the cable. just dont access those sockets from code, or better, make all the pins on both sockets inputs…


When I was working on my DL piezo prototype it was Duino proto on top of an arduino and it was powering Hydra just fine.


Yea, I was suggesting this just to be absolutely sure of any shorts that might appear during startup. The pins don’t all start out low.


It Worked!!! :slight_smile:

Here is the setup… no wiring cutting… :wink:


There’s certainly more than one way to skin a cat! I’m guessing you had to push pretty hard to get those jumper wires in those tiny holes. Hope you didn’t damage the cables. Congrats!