Powering the G120 TH Module

I suspect that there is something wrong with my G120TH board. I’m providing 3v3 to it but the power light does not turn on. It only seems to turn on, when I power it via the usb cable.

Hum… I seems that the GND pin next to the 3v3 pin isn’t working? Is that even possible or did I connect something wrong? I moved the GND pin and now it’s working.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is?

Have you checked to see if there is continuity from that ground pin and another ground pin? Is it confirmed open circuit?

I guess bret’s reply didn’t make it to the new servers. Poor @Brett.

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So did you get the soldering iron out? If I was wrong and that didn’t help, I never said it (proof, right here :wink: ) otherwise yup, good ol solder…

I generally find this happens with boards where you have either VCC or GND connected via plane thermal reliefs and your soldering iron can’t generate the heat to flow the solder into the hole which is possible the case above.

Ok so I had to flux it and add solder, but now I get 0 to 0.1 ohms resistance. There was even one point where it was unconnected! the meter read Over Load :slight_smile:

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